We are happy to welcome you at our site. We offer a wide range of high quality chiptuning files. Please watch our tutorial carefully. 

We offer:

  • tuningfiles
  • P&B files
  • DPF remove files
  • GPF/OPF remove files
  • EGR remove files
  • Adblue remove files
  • EVAP remove files
  • VMAX remove files
  • Flaps remove files
  • TVA remove files
  • Start/Stop disable files
  • IMMO remove files
  • DTC remove files

Or a combination of the files above.

Please fill in all the required fields on our home page. The price for your file is shown directly on your screen.

Most of our files are auto generated. These Chiptuning Files  are delivered within one hour. Other files, which need manual intervention, are delivered within 4 hours during office hours (GMT+1).

In the video above we show you how easy it is to get a file. You can pay with PayPal. There is no need for expensive credits or annual fees. 

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